fcorse.gif (1043 octets)   Tackling the GR20 is not to be taken lightly. Some keen trekkers have admitted that it was the hardest track they had ever walked. It must be kept in mind that the country is rugged, that most of the track is at an altitude of 1800m, that the weather can be very hot from 10:00 to 15:00 and that over 1/3 of those who start the walk, abandon before the end of the 10/14 day adventure.
It is nevertheless one of the most exhilarating treks in Europe. The scenery and the atmosphere are unique. If short of time or energy, it can be walked in several sections, with well deserved rests in between if necessary. In any case this trip requires fitness, sure footing, experience and preparation.
Maps and guides
Didier Richard guides and maps are excellent, Corsica is covered in two maps and one guide in French. Available in Corsica from bookshops and most supermarkets or from:
Institut Géographique National issues 1:25 000 maps.
Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre: GR 20 Topoguide describes the whole trips in maps, graphs and French text.
The Rother pocket guides are a very practical combination of text, maps and photographs, available in French, English and German.

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Refuges (Huts)
Are staffed on the GR 20 from June to September, it costs around 8 euros for a bunk, cooking area with gas burners.
Food and basic supplies available at road-end Gîtes d'Etapes ( Bocca di Bavedda, Refuge E Campanelle, Vizzavona Station, Bocca di Verghiu), cheese available from some shepherds on the way.
On the GR 20, is allowed only in the designated areas by the huts (1.5 euro charge)

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1 - Bocca di Avartoli 2 - Bocca di a Muvrella 3 - Bocca Minuta 4 - Bocca Foghieghiallu 5 - Vallée du Golu 6 - Lavu de Ninu 7 - Col de la Haute Route 8 - Punta di Pinzi Corbini 9 - Punta Muratellu 10 - Bocca Palmente 11 - Monte Rinosu 12 - Punta di a Cappelle 13 - Monte Alcudina 14 - Aiguilles de Bavedda Brèche de Goria Lavu Maio Monte Cintu Monte Ritondu Monte d'Oru Monte Rinosu Tips

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