Monte d'Oru

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It takes only the day for some to go up the Monte d'Oru and down again. For the others many spots are ideal for a night out.

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Monte d'Oru du Pratu

At the feet of the mount is a welcoming grassy flat. The track leads close to the top before continuing west in a wide loop.

Tracks above 2000m are generaly rocky but very well marked.
Monte d'Oru vu de l'Ouest

The way down is on a rocky track giving superb views of the other ranges.

GR20 walkers can see from here where they come from or where they have to go!

Looking north on the ridge

Views of  Monte Ritondu, on the right and the Paglia Orba more on the left. Both of these sites are on the GR20.
On the way down

The GR20 follows the river all the way down. Larriccio pines give shade to the many pools and cascades.

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Beech forest

The last part of the tour crosses a beautiful and cool forest of tall beeches.

Corsica - Parc Naturel Régional


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