2 - Bocca di a Muvrella

Refuge Carrozzu

To Bocca AvartoliRefuge di Carrozzu

The deck enjoys great views of the pass going north. Later in the day looking down the valley will be the daily show of a sun setting in the sea.

Sur la Spasimata - Cliquer pour agrandir La Spasimata

 Cliquer pour agrandir  The historic swing-bridge over the Spasimata is generally not necessary to cross the river. The track go up on the left bank up to a tiny lake. A short but steep final ascent leads to the pass.

Bocca a Muvrella

Punta Minuta and Pic Von Cube seen from the pass, over the ridge is Refuge de Stagnu down in Ascu valley.

tomuvrella2.JPG (15427 octets)Descent towards Ascu

Refuge de Stagnu

Food and limited supplies available.

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