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Haut Ariège

Sans titre - 211.jpg (172863 bytes)This interesting région, instead of expensive refuge-hotels, has simple huts nicely sited along the tracks. Unfortunately vandals can walk too, and make some of these cabanes nearly unusable, like the Cabane de l'Etang de la Hilette. The sleeping platform timber has been burnt as firewood, walls have been made unstable, gaping holes have been torn in the roof sheeting. Some say the local fishermen did it to avoid too many visitors, others suspect a commercial organisation to press for building a money making refuge-hotel up there. Plain shit-heads could have done it wihout reason as well.
From Vallée d'Ustou, tracks lead over the cirque to numerous lakes, peaks and passes over to Spain.
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Going up Cirque de Cagateille
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Etang de la Hilette
Cabanne Turguilla.jpg (103629 bytes)
Cabanne Turguilla

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