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Parque Nacional d'Aiguestortes

This is a very special area constituted of a mosaic of hundreds of lakes and patches of pines. Bivouac is not allowed, but there is a dozen of well sited above 2000m refuge-hotels. A beautiful round trip is possible in 4/5 days.
Estany de Beciberri
Zoom picture  Estany de Besiberri

Beautiful easy walk, interesting vegetation and pretty lakes

BeciberriBesiberri Sud et l'estanyet

Lakes and lakelets, grass-fields and gentle peaks make the charm of this Parque Nacional.

From the north, a long bumpy dirt road gives acces to tracks criss-crossing Cirque Colomers.
Lakes in Cirque de Colomers
Zoom picture  Cirque de Colomers

Colomers lac

It is not uncommon to walk by two dozens of lakes in a day.

Val de Boi give a convenient west access to the Park, while Val d'Espot reaches the estern entrance.
Estany Negre
Estany Negre from Refuge Ventosa
EncantatsLate winter on the Encantats

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