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Vallée de Gaube

Lake de Gaube

This very pleasant 2/3 day loop walk starts from Pont d'Espagne near Cauterêts.
The first day the track goes along a creek, passed Lac de Gaube and to Refuge des Oulettes. Petit Vignemale is a good short trip with close up views of the Vignemale.
Next day is spent going up Col des Mulets, sidling on a rocky track the Spanish side of the range to Col d'Aratille. Several beautiful lakes, a cascading creek and beautiful flora make the descent to Vallée de Mercadau and Refuge Wallon very enjoyable. Out directly or  rest the night and go up again and enjoy more on the high route and back to Pont d'Espagne.

Le Vignemale

Refuge des Oulettes de Gaube is a little further up on a large grassy flat with superb views of the mountain.

Col des Mulets

Le Col des Mulets

From here the track sidle high up the cirque to Col d'Aratille.

ffrance.gif (976 octets)Parc National des Pyrénées


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