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Cost of living  
It is no secret, the cost of living in Norway is very high. Food, petrol, sport equipment, accommodation, road tolls make a trip there an expensive exercise. Although it has no impact (!?) on the hiker, the price of booze and tobacco is outrageous. If you intend to have a toast on top of Mt Galdøpiggen, better buy a bottle of duty free bubbly on the ferry to Norway.
English and German useable everywhere. Road signs and labels are good fun to decrypt.
Huts (Hytter)
In the popular areas, huts are actually medium sized hotels, with no facility for the self sufficient trekker, it will then cost up to 48 euro a night, full board. In less popular area, huts are self  service, a key is lent to DNT members (40 euros/year, no reciprocity with other alpine clubs), it will cost a 13 euros per night.
That is the price to pay to be able to travel light with only personal clothing, accessories and sleeping bag liner.
Tenting is the answer for the budget conscious. Water is not a problem, lots of lakes and rivers for supply. It means that it is raining a lot too, drying gear could be tricky.
"Walking in Norway", Cicerone press, Milnthorpe, Cumbria: good to plan treks for several days.
Maps 1:100 000 from Den Norsk Turistforening are good despite their large scale. For more precise navigation the whole country is covered by 1:50 000 maps, some track data can be obsolete.
"Stor kartbok Norge" is a 1:325 000 road atlas very useful for motoring. In addition, it shows tracks, huts and time between them, toll gates, locked gates. All that is quite useful when planning a trip, or just to stretch the legs after a day admiring fjords, lakes, forest, mountains and wooden farmhouses.
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