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Lofoten Islands

These beautiful islands have only a few marked tracks, but wandering around with a good map is a good way to see their beauty from a different angle. At this latitude, well above artic circle, tree line is 200m or less according to exposition. Snow patches can be found as low as 500m in summer.

This is an example in Moskenesöya at Sörvågen

Stövla and Stuvdalvatn
Mt Stövla and Lake Stuvdal

A loop trip around Mt Stövla gives a good idea of the conditions there, starts on a well worn path in a short birch forest, soon replaced with herb-fields along a pretty stream up to lake Trolldals and the grassy slopes of Mt Stövla.
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Looking towards Trolldalstinden
View towards Trolldalstinden

From there, use the best contour get up an obvious steep gully leading to a pass at about 500m.

On the other side, it is then less steep to an area of small lakes crossed in the direction of another trail getting back to the start point.

Views of Sörvågen

Good views of the village and harbour, interesting flora.



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