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Trekking, hiking and tramping

Go to the Alps
The highest place in Europe, the Alps have something to offer to everybody. From day walks to climbing, all very spectacular.
Go to Corsica
A mountain out of the sea, Corsica offers some very challenging circuits. The reputed GR 20 crosses a very rugged high country.
Go to the Pyrénées
With interesting, beautiful and diverse landscapes, the Pyrénées are not overdeveloped, but a have lot of tracks and plenty of charm.
Go to Norway
Because of its high latitude, in Norway, the high mountain vegetation and landscape starts at sea level. A short climb leads then to permanent snow and glaciers.
Go to New Zealand
New Zealand
Also known as "tramping", see pictures taken when trekking in the National and Forest parks of New Zealand, the outdoors paradise.

A 26 000 km tour of the National Parks. Most of the extraordinary geological features are a few minutes walk from the car parks. Splendid day trips in natural wonders.
Winter trips...

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