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7 - Col de la Haute Route

Refuge de Manganu
Track to Manganu

The lower crag in the jagged range is the pass to Manganu. The tracks looks intimidating but is actually reasonably easy.

Zoom picture  Lavu di Melu i di Capitellu

The GR20 goes around this wide cirque on the top of its ridge.

The highest pass on the GR20 keeps snow well into summer. Manganu is over the range in the background.

Bocca Muzzella (Col de la Haute Route)
pietra.jpg (19199 octets)
Refuge de Pietra Piana

This is the best place for a day trip to Monte Ritondu and Lavu Bellebone. Refuge de l'Onda is just above tree line of  Monte d'Oru, in the background.

Refuge de Pietra Piana

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