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Dolomites Puez-Odle

Geisler group
Geisler Group

fitalia.gif (984 octets)   The territory of Trentino-Alto Adige formed part of the Austrian Tirol until the end of World War I, when it was ceded to Italy. From 1919 to 1947 the area was known as Venezia Tridentina. In 1948 Trentino-Alto Adige was established as an autonomous region. German-speaking inhabitants residing mainly in the Alto Adige district form a significant proportion of the population. In 1970, after local elections which were regarded as realistically representative, a relative peace was established between the German- and Italian-speaking populations of Bolzano and Trento.
Dolomites or Dolomite Alps, mountain range in northern Italy, a subdivision of the Eastern Alps, and part of the South Tirolese Alps, located east of the Adige River. Some peaks are formed of dolomite and marked with unusual colours. The Dolomites reach their greatest height in Mount Marmolada, 3,342 m (10,965 ft) above sea level, and there are 18 other peaks over 3,050 m (10,000 ft). There are also 41 glaciers in the range. Many of the sharp peaks of the range were first ascended in the latter parts of the 19th century by British mountain climbers.

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Italian Alps

The peaks of the range have very beautiful shapes than are best admired from every angle in an overnight trip around the Geisler Group.

Head for Schlüterhütte on a grassy low pass, then follow  track 3 over Roa pass (the obvious dent at top of scree below).

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The last ascent is on a moderate scree slope, beautiful changing views of all ranges in the area on the way down. A dry riverbed is crossed before reaching Regenburgerhütte on a grassy hill on the opposite bank. Very comfortable overnight stop with magnificent views of the ranges' jagged peaks. Getting to the pass

There are several options to get there and get back to Zans, one of them is Mittagsscharte a high scree pass through towering peaks (center of picture below).

On the way back

Another one (tracks 2a, 3, 35) skirts the range at a distance in meadows and forests to eventually follow the very foot of the range. (Route 6 via Pana Scharte has been closed since 1997 due to a landslide, check if re-opened.)

Start at Zans in Villnöss

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